Monday, October 01, 2012

Be by my side

Hye everyone...

Today I want to talk about inspiration or maybe an idol?
It is just ordinary post but I like to share with all of you that, I also have an idol.
Who's always by my side. But now, I don't know either he is still on my side or not.
And maybe he don't care and love me anymore?
I just want to express my feeling towards him.
I just want him always be by my side.
He is my idol.
He is my supporter.
He is my inspiration.
Without him, I can't survive in my life.
He always support me in study also in my life.
Maybe I made a decisions without discussed with him.
But I want he to know that I always want his love.


I'm sorry because I can't make you happy.
But please understands me.
I have a dream, a big dream.
But to achieve the dream, I need to sacrifice one of your happiness.
Maybe my happiness also?
But, please...
Without you I can't stand alone.
I really need you.
Can you come back to me?
Be by my side again?
Love and support me again?
Just one I need.
Please let me choose my own life with your love and support?
Can you?
Thanks for loving and supporting me physical and mental...

P/S: Sorry my grammar not quite good but I'll improve it time by time. 

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